Stephenie's Eclipse Tour Photo Album

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the road. Most are from events where I had a friend to give my camera to; I'm usually too busy to snap shots while I'm signing. So if you had the best shirt ever and you don't see a picture of it, it's probably because I didn't have a designated photographer (for example, the girl in Pasadena with the shirt that had "s-s-s-s-so v-v-v-v-very c-c-c-cold" on the front and "must have space heater" on the back—wish I'd gotten that one on film!). Or because the picture didn't turn out, which sadly happened to a few.

Getting ready to shoot the Good Morning America spot. Nervous? Who me?

Embracing my love for cheese in Wisconsin.

Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop, Milwaukee

Part of the crowd in the Woodbury, MN Borders.

(Thanks, Shazz, for all the Minnesota photography.)

Good t-shirts:
etp5 etp6
etp7 etp8

See—boys do come to Eclipse signings:
etp10 etp11

Sunset Hills Borders, Saint Louis, MO

Second leg:

(I'll try to get my hands on some of the pictures from the AZ event at which I didn't have my camera.)

The Tattered Cover, Denver, CO

(thanks to Lisa for the Denver photography)

etp14 etp15

All for Kids, Seattle, WA *Prom Theme*

(thanks to Bridget for the Seattle pictures)

Good dresses/tuxes/shirts:
etp18 etp19
etp20 etp21
etp22 etp23
etp24 etp25
etp26 etp27

Third Place Books, Seattle, WA

This is how people get us to do appearances. Thanks Third Place Books!

Lunch with Books Inc winners in San Francisco.

Larissa, the new title holder for "Longest Distance Traveled to go to one of my Events." She flew from Munich to San Francisco(!!!).

More to come after the next leg!

Here are more photos sent in by fans:

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