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A Chemical Reacts RPG

A TwentySomething Twilight Fan

A Twilight Life

Academy Volterra

Alicefan's Twilight Fans


All Things Twilight

Amore di Anima

An Edward & Bella Fan

An Apple Each Day

Apple in Hand

Australian Site: Fire and Ice

Australian Site: Twilight_Aus (LiveJournal)

Australian Site: Twilight Australia


Be Bitten — The Twilight Series Boards

Be My Obsession

Bella and Edward Forever

The Bella Cullen Project (Twilight Fan Band)

Bella and Edward Obsession

Bella Luna (RPG)

Bella Penombra

Bella Rocks! (Twilight-inspired band)



Beyond Twilight

Bite at Dawn

Bite Me

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast

Bite of Twilight


Bitten: Twilight Podcasting

Bitter Sweet Forever

Bloody Craving

Blurring Boundaries

Bring on the Shackles


CafeMom: Fans of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series

Can't FIGHT an eclipse

Club Twilight

Cold Twilight

Comet at Twilight

Coven of Eternal Twilight

A Coven of Wolves

Craving Cullens

Crazy for Twilight

Cullen and Hale

Cullen Boys Anonymous

Cullen City

The Cullen Clan

The Cullen Clan!

Cullen Coven

Cullen Crazay

The Cullen Crypt

Cullen Cults

The Cullen Family

The Cullens and other Twilight characters

The Cullens Online


Cullen's Family

Cullen Vampires


Dark Dusk (RPG)

Dazzle Me Please

Devoted Twilighters

Dream Come True

Dream Twilight

Dreaming of Twilight

Dusk to Dawn


Eclipse DVD

The EC Fan Club

Edward and Bella for life and beyond

Edward Cullen .net

Edward Cullen completes me

Edward Cullen Coven

Edward Cullen - Every Girl's Dream

Edward Cullen last forever

Edward Cullen Online

Edward Cullen the One and Only


The Edward Plushie Club

Edward vs. Jacob

Edward's Meadow

Edward's Volvo

Enough for Forever (LJ)

Enough for Forever (darkbb)

Epoch -- Twilight

Equinox (RPG site)

Eternal Annoyances

Eternal Love

Eternal Twilight

Eventide Alchemy (RPG)

Everglow --

Everlasting Twilight

Everything Twilight

Exactly His Brand of Heroine


FanFiction Net Twilight Page

Fanpire Forums

Fanpop: The Twilight Fan Club

FantasticTwiHards (youtube channel)

Fatal Attraction

Fire and Ice: A Twilight Podcast

For Forks' Sake

For the Twilight Series Lover

Forbidden - A Twilight RPG

The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest

Forbidden Love

Forest's Edge

Forever Dawn .net

Forever in Ice

Forever in the Meadow

Forever Twilight

Forks, Washington rpg

From Twilight to Eclipse


Glittery Boyfriend


His Crooked Smile

His Golden Eyes

I - A Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen Fansite

Infinite Twilight

Into the Twilight

Irish Twilight Fans

Irritable Grizzly

Is Twilight your brand of heroin?



Jacob Black Fans

Jacob Fans


Jasper/Alice: A fan community


Kelmett (Kellan Lutz as Emmett)

Kismet: The Lion and the Lamb


Life Beyond Twilight

Lion and Lamb Love

The Lion and the Lamb

Lion and Lamb (Piczo site)

The Lion and the Lamb (Piczo)

The Lion and the Lamb, RPG

The Lion fell in love with the Lamb (LiveJournal)

Lions and Lambs in Luv

The Love of Edward and Bella

Love the Cullens


The Mitch Hansen Band (Twilight-Inspired Music)

Mobile site:

Moonlit Temptation

Morte Romantica

Movie Casting Site

Mrs. Cullen

My Bella

My Brand of Heroin

My Twilight Purgatory

Myspace Blog: Fans of Jacob Black

Myspace Group: Edward, Bella and Jacob

Myspace Group: Edward's Team

Myspace Group: Official Cullenist Group

Myspace Group: Official Alice & Jasper Site

Myspace Group: TWiLiGHT

Myspace Group: Twilight Book

Myspace Group: Twilight Equals Love

Myspace Group: Twilight is My Bible

Myspace Group: Twilight Moms

Myspace Page: Twilight_Movie

Myspace Page: Twilight Movie

Myspace Group: Twilight TM

Myspace Group: We all want to be Bella

Mystical Scent


No More Marbles (on


Obsessed with Edward

Official Team Jempwarth Website

OME, a Twilight Sorority

Once you go Black, you never go back! (Jacob Fan Club)

One From The Twilight

Our Twilight Chronicles



Paper Moons: A Twilight inspired RPG

Passion Eternal

Peace, Love, TWILIGHT!

Perfect for Forever

Perpetual Twilight

Phases: A Twilight Podcast

Piczo site: Apple Each Day

Place 4 all things Twilight


Rain, Clouds, and Edward

Ramblings and Thoughts' Twilight section

Real Men Glitter

Red Apple


Secret Betrayal

The Shiny Vampire Club

Simply Addicted

Simply Twilight

Single Drop of Blood

Sometimes, Kismet Happens

Sort of Beautiful (LiveJournal)

SoulMates: A Jasper and Alice Fansite

Spiritual Love: Esme and Carlisle

Stay Twilight

Stealing Yellow Cars

Step into the Story

Stephenie Meyer Fans Website

Stephenie Meyer Web

Stephenie Says

Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner

__Sweet Lullaby




Team Jacob

Team Switzerland

Teen Twilightist

Third Epiphany

Tickle Me Twilight

Time is Running Out

Time Stands Still

Topaz and Debussy

Topaz Eyes

Topaz Obsession


Touched by Twilight


Twilight 20somethings

Twilight Academy

Twilight Addicts

Twilight Advisor

Twilight Amazing RP and Discussion

Twilight Archives

The Twilight Awards

Twilight BeDazzled

Twilight billet-doux (Piczo)

Twilight Boards

Twilight Book Fansite (Piczo)

Twilight Central

Twilight Continued...from another point of view (Facebook)

Twilight Couple (youtube)

The Twilight Coven

Twilight Coven Philippines

Twilight Cults

Twilight Disorder

Twilight Dreamers

Twilight: Edward and Bella Fansite

Twilight Eternity

Twilight Experience

Twilight Extravaganza

Twilight Extremists

Twilight Facebook

Twilight Fan

Twilight Fan Center

Twilight Fan Fiction

Twilight Fanatics

Twilight FanForum

Twilight Fans Invited

Twilight Fans on

Twilight Fans Unite!

Twilight Fans United

Twilight Fansite: a very addictive book

Twilight Fanspace

Twilight Fantasy

Twilight Forever (Gaia profile)

Twilight Forever (on

Twilight Forever (a Piczo site)

Twilight: forever bitten by its greatness

Twilight Forever: Where Twilight IS Forever (on

The Twilight Forums

The Twilight Forums (at

Twilight Forums (at

Twilight Forums .org

Twilight Freaks

Twilight Graphic Novel

Twilight Guy

The Twilight Hour

Twilight: If someone dared you...

Twilight Indonesia

The Twilight Lexicon

The Twilight Lounge

Twilight Love

Twilight Lovers Rejoice

Twilight Madness

Twilight Mafia

Twilight Magic

Twilight Mania

Twilight Mania! (at

Twilight Manipulations

Twilight Moms

Twilight Mom (on blogspot)

Twilight Movies

Twilight Newborns

Twilight News Site

Twilight/New Moon/Cast (Facebook)

Twilight Novel: Forever Twilight


Twilight Obsession

Twilight Obsessors

Twilight Originals

Twilight Point

Twilight Poison

Twilight Puerto Rico

The Twilight Pursuit

Twilight Renegades

Twilight Rocks! (Chat site)

Twilight Roleplaying site

Twilight Rox

The Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga Central

Twilight Saga Fanaticz

The Twilight Saga for the Slightly Obsessed

Twilight Saga Lovers

The Twilight Saga Multiply

Twilight Saga Review

The Twilight Saga Wiki

The Twilight Saga (Yahoo group)

The Twilight Saga (on

The Twilight Saga and The Host (on

Twilight Series Fandom (LiveJournal)

Twilight Teams

Twilight Series Theories

Twilight Series (on freewebs)

Twilight Seires Fanatics

Twilight Source

Twilight Thirsty

Twilight Treasury

Twilight Twenties

Twilight Twins

Twilight UK

Twilight Ultimate

Twilight Uninterrupted

Twilight Universe

Twilight Vampire Evolution

Twilight Vampires

Twilight Weekly

Twilight (at Runboard)

Twilight (by Sarah)


Twilighted (at

Twilighter (

Twilighter (at forumotion)


Twilighters Anonymous

Twilighters Down Under

Twilighter's Hub

Twilighters United

Twilighters Writers



Twilight's Destiny


Twilight — A Way of Life



Twilight... my life

Twilight! The Apple Book



Twi-Hard (a site for Twilight saga fans)







Unconditionally and Irrevocably

Unified Twilight Society

Unite Twilight


Vampire Bites

Vampire Hunt

Vampire obsession

Vampire Obsessions

Vampires Released

Vampires are Forever

Vampires of Forks, Washington

Vampires of Nite


Vamps Go Veg

Vesperarium Graphics

Visions of the Night


Wanna Bet

We Love Edward!

We Love the Twilight Series

We Support Stephenie Meyer

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

With You


Yellow Porschey

You Are Exactly My Brand of Heroin


Zazzle Site