Welcome to the official "webmaster" page of StephenieMeyer.com (The Official Website of Stephenie Meyer). A little about me: my name is Seth, and I am Stephenie Meyer's little brother.

For those of you hoping to find an email address or a way to contact Stephenie — I apologize. There is currently no way for fans to get in contact with her. Stephenie is still much too busy to re-open her fan email or snail mail addresses. Also, I cannot forward emails. She is in the process of writing/editing multiple books, and I think we can all agree that we would rather that she spends her time writing instead of reading thousands of emails every day.

The layout of this page is a little different than the rest of the site. I know that you are thinking, "this isn't new" or "it looks the same." But, I have actually changed the layout of this page to have a fixed width. The new CSS design should look almost exactly the same in every browser (I even got Internet Explorer 5.0 to work this time). Also, the site will now have a fixed width in the center which will allow me to get a better idea of exactly what everyone is seeing. You may notice a few differences like the fades or the menu on the left, but it shouldn't be too big of a change. (Edited: It appears that I have decided to stick with the old layout design. So, maybe this design will go with the Breaking Dawn theme on the Craptastic Covers page.)

If you have read this far, it probably means that you have plenty of spare time. Therefore, I will tell you a little about the design and answer some of the questions which are frequently asked. First off, the cool pictures that appear at the top of the site (the forest near Forks and Picacho Peak in Arizona) were taken by Stephenie's husband who happens to be a very talented photographer. On to the questions. There have been many people that have asked me where I learned web design. While I was working on my undergraduate degree in college (like Stephenie, I graduated from BYU), I took a web design class just for fun (believe it or not, Chemistry and Biology classes are not always "fun"). Around that time, Stephenie had finished Twilight and was in need of a website. I volunteered, but I'm guessing that if either of us would have known how famous and popular she would become, I probably wouldn't have even tried. I don't pretend to be a "web guru" and I realize that I am not a professional. But, I have tried to learn along the way and I find web design to be very entertaining. Unlike the former site design, this design is almost all CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). That should mean faster load times and better usability for mobile devices and for those who use screen readers or disable styles and images. It should also make printing pages from the site much easier (I'm very sorry for the book reports which were messed up in the past). I also feel that the site is now much more professional and at the same time more user-friendly. For those of you that are interested, this site is validated by the W3C for most of the HTML pages.

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Also, I appreciate any help in finding bugs (problems with the site/design). When writing, please include the browser that you are using to view the site. (Note: I am aware of a problem with the sidebar in Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5 and am unable to fix it at this time. If you use IE5 or any other very old and outdated browser (like Internet Explorer 6), I would suggest clicking here to install Mozilla Firefox. Most sites on the Internet (including this one) work better and faster with Firefox.)

Please note: I will update the site when I get the information sent to me by Stephenie or her publicist. I have nothing to do with tours (so please don't ask me if Stephenie can go to your town or school), and all of the information of which I have knowledge is posted on the site. Also, about the book playlists. Those were created by Stephenie and I am not taking suggestions for changes or songs to add. While I have really enjoyed the thousands of emails suggesting new or different songs over the last few years, those playlists are not going to change. I also don't have anything to do with the soundtrack of the movie. In case you haven't caught on, I don't have a lot of power. Perhaps the title "webmaster" sounds more powerful than it is, but I'm really just in charge of the website and nothing else. If you find a bug or a typo on the site, please click here to email me. Also, as an addendum, I can't do anything with typos in the books or copyrighted PDFs, so please don't send those to me. Just typos or mistakes on the site, please. Thanks.