Life and Death Illustration Project – #Twilight10Art

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If you were following along on Stephenie’s Tumblr Q&A today you might have heard her announce the Life and Death Illustration Project. After seeing talented fans posting their own takes on characters like Edythe and Beau, she’s teamed up with Little Brown Books to share Life and Death inspired fan art using the hashtag#Twilight10Art. If you’ve created your own illustrations already or would like to, add #Twilight10Art to your piece on social media and it just might be shared on Stephenie’s and Little Brown’s social profiles.

Need a little more info on who these characters are? There are some quick character profiles below to get you started.

We want to share your talent and imagine what these new characters might look like, so let us see it! Art will be shared here and online through December 1st.

Life and Death

Character Profiles from Life and Death


“My mom says we look so much alike that I could use her for a shaving mirror. It’s not entirely true, though I don’t look much like my dad at all. Her chin is pointy and her lips full, which is not like me, but we do have exactly the same eyes. On her they’re childlike—so wide and pale blue—which makes her look like my sister rather than my mom. We get that all the time and though she pretends not to, she loves it. On me the pale blue is less youthful and more…unresolved.” Pg. 4

“I looked the same as always, but still, there was something different. My hair was dark and too thick, my skin too pale, and my bones were all shaped the same underneath, no change there. My eyes were the same light blue staring back at me…but I realized they were the culprits. I’d always thought it was the color that made them—and by extension, the rest of my face—look so uncertain, but though the color hadn’t changed, the lack of resolve had. The face that looked back at me today was determined, sure. I wondered when that had happened. I thought I could probably guess.” Pg. 176


“The last girl was smaller, with hair somewhere between red and brown, but different than either, kind of metallic somehow, a bronze-y color. She looked younger than the other two, who could have been in college, easy.” Pg. 15

“I decided the most beautiful of all was the smaller girl with the bronze-colored hair, though I expected the female half of the student body would vote for the movie-star blond guy. They would be wrong, though. I mean, all of them were gorgeous, but the girl was something more than just beautiful. She was absolutely perfect. It was an upsetting, disturbing kind of perfection. It made my stomach uneasy.” Pg. 15-16

“I’d been right about the eyes. They were black—coal black.” Pg. 18

“She had the sleeves of her white henley pushed up to her elbows, and her forearm flexed with surprisingly hard muscle under her pale skin. I couldn’t help but notice how perfect that skin was. Not one freckle, not one scar.” Pg. 19

“Her hair was dripping wet, tangled—even so, she looked like she’d just finished shooting a commercial. Her perfect face was friendly, open, a slight smile on her full, pink lips. But her long eyes were careful.” Pg. 33

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