Read The Chemist Epilogue!

If you tuned into Stephenie Meyer’s live event with Rainbow Rowell back in November, you might remember this exchange:


Something that did surprise me about The Chemist is that, this is really spoilerly, it has an epilogue.  And, I was really surprised.  I turned the page and I was like ‘Oh, I get to find out where these people are now.’  And I was wondering, as you were writing, did you know there was going to be an epilogue or did you add it later?  How did that happen



Well, that is the second epilogue.  There is an original epilogue and I really was trying, I’m just really behind right now.  I wanted to get it up on my website before tonight so people could go and see it.  And I wanted to have the cool people who do my website to get that gif of Wayne’s World where they are doing the ‘Super Mega Happy Ending’ because that’s what it is.  It’s the Super Mega Happy Ending.  And I guess it was a little too happy and so it bumped some people and they were like “This is just too sweet.”  So then I wrote one that had a little distance.  It doesn’t change anything from the Super Happy Ending, it just gives you and outsiders perspective on it.

Did someone request a Wayne’s World Gif?

Super Mega Happy Ending


Without further ado, The Chemist Epilogue is here:

Download The Chemist Epilogue


In case you missed the conversation between Stephenie and Rainbow, you can watch it here: