5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with The Umbrella Academy

Welcome to “Obsessions,” our new series where we tell you what we (Stephenie Meyer and producing partner Meghan Hibbett) are OBSESSING OVER right now!!


The Umbrella Academy

Honestly, there are hundreds of reasons we’re obsessed with The Umbrella Academy, but you don’t need to waste your time reading when you could be WATCHING THIS AMAZING SHOW.


1. Klaus Hargreeves

If you didn’t fall in love with Robert Sheehan in Misfits, here’s your chance.




2. Klaus Hargreeves

(One more for good measure)


3. Hazel & Cha Cha

You literally can’t go wrong with a pair like Mary J. Blige and serial killer Edmund Kemper.



4. The Music

We’ve had the soundtrack on loop

5. Number Five

Appropriately placed on the list:


Honorable Mention – Ben Hargreeves

via Gfycat

And if you aren’t following Justin Min on Instagram, you should be:


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The Hargreeves walking into @olivegarden. #umbrellaacademy

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One time, we tried to make a darkly funny, heartfelt Fantasy/SciFi show, and they told us it would never work. We’re thrilled 45 million people proved them wrong.


In short, should you avoid all responsibility and watch all eight hours of The Umbrella Academy in one sitting?


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