Midnight Sun Sneak Peek + a note

*** This post was meant to go up yesterday, but out of respect for Blackout Tuesday, we held it for today***

Hey Twilight Readers,

I promised you a bit of fun today, and I’ll keep that promise, though it seems a very trivial thing right now. The important thing is that you and your families are safe—that everyone is safe.

Life feels pretty grim, but there are things we can do. We can affect change in our homes and our communities. If you are looking for resources on education, advocacy, places to donate, or ways to help, please check out some of the links below. It’s a place to start.

The Obama Foundation is a wonderful resource for education on police violence and antiracism, ways to take action, and information on organizations that encourage reform.

The Cut has a very informative article called How to Support the Struggle Against Police Brutality. It details helpful ways to safely support protests right now.

Vote.org allows you to check your registration status, register to vote, and request absentee ballots. It also provides election Covid-19 information and a handy election protection guide.

Deep breath. Now back to the trivial fun. From now until the Midnight Sun release on August 4th, every Tuesday and Friday we’ll be posting a quote from the book. And today, the 17th anniversary of the day I started writing Twilight, we’ll post the first. Enjoy. Be safe, stay healthy, and enjoy.

Love, Stephenie

Midnight Sun Quote