Listen to this: “Silence” by Cherish Danae

One of the great things about Fandom (especially the Twilight Fandom!) is just how talented everyone is. Whether it’s fan art, or crafts, music, or even memes, seeing your talent displayed through Twilight is the cherry on top on top of an already fantastic Fandom.

While, Social Media can seem like a black hole at times, our team here supporting Stephenie, sees a whole lot of what you’ve been posting online! We recently came across a video on Instagram by musician, Cherish Danae. She wrote a song called “Silence” that is inspired by Midnight Sun. We may have cried… and in the true spirit of Fandom, Stephenie wanted to share it with you here on her website because she loved it so much! Listen in…

You can download/listen to “Silence” on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and can watch it on Youtube.

The cover art for the song was made by Cherish’s friend Mollie McAuley-Perkins.

Beautiful song, Cherish! Thank you for sharing your talent.

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