Midnight Sun Fun – Downloads, Story Templates, & More!

With Midnight Sun now officially out, that means you’re probably busy reading, but when you do finally put that book down, Stephenie’s team has you covered with fun downloads! Whether you’ll be at the Midnight Sun Drive-In’s you can download Bingo Cards and a This or That page. Utilize the Story Templates to share your love on Instagram and Facebook, and we definitely know your Zoom calls could use a little sprucing up. We’ve got you covered!

Bingo Cards + This or That

Download three Bingo Cards for the Midnight Sun Drive-In or plan your own party at home! This or That is featured on the backside.

Bingo Card 1
Bingo Card 2
Bingo Card 3

Story Templates

Click on a Story Template below to save and utilize on Instagram or Facebook.

Zoom Backgrounds

Download these Zoom backgrounds to spice up a Hangout with friends, or a meeting at work.