Watch: The Midnight Sun Book Tour!

One of the hardest parts of not being about to do a traditional book tour for Midnight Sun was not seeing all your faces IN PERSON! But 2020 is all about trying new things (like eating outdoors in 90 degree weather with a mask on your face!), and we held some great online hangouts during our virtual book tour!

The International Hangouts:

Our International Publishers held contests where lucky winners were able to participate in a hangout with Stephenie. Because there were 100 million different timezones to coordinate (more like 17), we had TWO hangouts. You can watch them here:

International Hangout 1

International Hangout 2

Barnes and Noble: Live with Stephenie Meyer:

Back on August 14th, Stephenie and Meghan were LIVE on the Barnes and Noble YouTube Channel to discuss all things Midnight Sun. Check it out:

The Chaotic Free For All Event for Contest Winners

When Stephenie couldn’t decide on just 1 winner for the Midnight Sun contest and made EVERYONE who entered a winner, she promised a “chaotic free-for-all event!” And clocking in at just under 2 hours, the longest hangout of the Virtual Tour, this hangout was (almost) that! We think we kept the chaos under control, and this event was packed with awesome questions and convos with Stephenie. Enjoy the chaos: