Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Parties

Here are a few of the pictures that everyone sent in from their exciting nights at the Breaking Dawn release parties. They are a bit random — I didn’t realize how many people would send pictures, and I don’t currently have enough time to go through all 1,300 emails (with somewhere around 5,000 pictures total). But, I may add some more if I get some free time sometime soon.

There were some pretty crazy lines and crowds at some of the parties. And, of course, there were plenty of costumes, homemade t-shirts, and Twilight Saga character look-a-likes to be found.

For those of you still who don’t know him (I’m guessing there are about three of you left), that is actor Taylor Lautner who will play Jacob in Twilight the movie. I think it is very cool that he went to his local bookstore for the release party there (hopefully he was prepared to be smothered). You can read more about that here.

Taylor wasn’t the only celebrity to attend a midnight party. Here is a picture of fans with Stephenie’s and my older sister Emily (the one in the middle with brown hair). If it wasn’t for Emily’s encouragement, Stephenie may not have tried to get Twilight published (in case you forgot the story, there’s more here). Also, Alice’s yellow Porsche showed up to take pictures with fans (nobody snapped a picture of Alice, unfortunately).

And finally, the following pictures were arguably the best ones that I received. This Twilight Saga fan was surprised to hear her name on the loud speaker at 11:45pm during the midnight release party. She got out of line only to be surprised by her boyfriend, dressed up as Edward, on one knee holding an engagement ring. (On a side note, this guy is brilliant. How could she possibly say ‘no’ to Edward in front of hundreds of Twilight fans?) As you can imagine, she said ‘yes’.

I’m glad that everyone had so much fun at the release parties. Thanks for sending in your pictures to share with everyone (especially with those who weren’t able to attend a party).