Extras: New Moon

These two offerings are not outtakes; they were never part of the manuscript. Rather, these are short (well, reasonably short) pieces I wrote after New Moon was all finished, both inspired by questions and comments on the Twilight Lexicon.


So many people were curious about what exactly Rosalie said to Edward during that fateful phone call. Here is that short section of New Moon from Edward’s perspective:


I noticed a disturbing trend various places on-line—people are ascribing the most nefarious motives to Jacob Black, insisting he has some kind of dark agenda. Some of this is due, in my opinion, to a heavy general bias in favor of vampires over werewolves. But some of it must be my fault. Apparently Jacob’s intentions are not as clear to the reader as they are to me. Now, I’m not up for writing all of New Moon from Jacob’s perspective (I’m dizzy at the thought), but I did want to let people look through his eyes for a bit, were they so inclined. (It was supposed to be much shorter than this but you know me.) So, if you want to know the other other side of the story, here’s your chance to walk a mile in Jacob Black’s shoes:

Being Jacob Black