The Host Acknowledgements

Did you know that the pages of books are printed in big sheets that cut into 16 pages each? I didn’t (up until about four months ago). I also didn’t know that sometimes, when a book is just one or two pages over a total number of pages that is a multiple of 16, “unnecessary” things get cut so that the printer doesn’t waste a ton of blank paper. Things like the acknowledgments page get cut. (And dedications are combined with title pages.) SoTHE HOST saved the lives of a few trees, and my acknowledgments can be found here rather than at the back of the book:



Most of all, I owe oodles of thanks to the awesomest editor in the universe: Asya Munchnick. It was an amazing thing to work with someone so intuitive and talented and just plain cool. I’m looking forward to more adventures in the future.

More thanks to the whole team at Little, Brown for the super smooth production process and the stellar launch.

As always, thanks to Jodi Reamer—my very dangerous agent—who makes my life 100% easier on a daily basis.

The lovely Elizabeth Eulberg will forever have a large chunk of my heart as well as an immense amount of gratitude for making me a shiny star.

I wouldn’t be sane without the support of my friends and family, particularly: my patient hubby Pancho and my adorable boys, Gabe, Seth, and Eli; my dad and mom, Steve and Candy, and my brother, Jacob, who have been invaluable pinch hitters with my sometimes crazy schedule; my amazing brother and webmaster, Seth.

Finally, thanks to my favorite people in the world: the people who read my books. You rock.