The Cullen Cars

Two of my three brothers are obsessed—and I mean that in the literal, clinical sense—with automotive vehicles. This comes in very convenient when I need to know what kind of car one of my characters is driving. I simply call Jacob or Paul and ask, “What’s the fastest and most powerful four-door sedan out there?” and then whichever one I’m speaking to will immediately rattle off a long, specific description of the car I want, including the price, the horsepower, the time it takes to get from zero to sixty, and any new body styling that might be on the way. They will also probably email me a picture within minutes. (And the insane part is that if I ask the other brother the same question, he’ll give me the exact same answer, though possibly a different picture.)


So, in honor of Paul and Jacob, I’m including the specific makes and models of the cars driven by the Cullens (and a link to an approximation), because I know it would kill them if someone thought my vampires were driving lesser cars.


[Edit: the cars featured on this page are those which are in the books (or at least as close to them as we can find); the cars in the movie may be different in many cases — we are aware of this but still have decided to feature only the cars that are mentioned in the books]

[Edit #2: SPOILER ALERT! As this page contains cars from other books in the saga besides
Twilight, there are a few possible spoilers included.


The Obsessed Autophiles:
Jacob and Paul
(Message from the autophiles: “A special thanks to Jason Genet for the use of Bella’s after car”)