Other Projects — Craptastic Covers

[Webmaster's Note: This page features the Breaking Dawn color scheme. It was a bit too ugly to keep on the rest of the site, but it took me several hours to make, so I figured it should be somewhere on the site.]

This page, like so many others on this site, is just for fun.

I'm a very visual person, so back in the day when I was printing off copies of Twilight for my friends and family to proof, I wasn't about to hand them around without covers on them. I had a ton of fun playing around with different covers, and I thought I'd put a few of them up here.

Here's an early draft to start with, from back when the title was still Forks and I was experimenting with pen names.

Forks cover

Later, I came up with these two because the whole "eyes over the forest" thing was a little done. I only used these once or twice, though, because I liked the done eyes better.

cc2 cc3

Here's an early cover for New Moon, book two in the Twilight series:

New Moon

And here's a couple newer covers that I made to correspond with the apple cover.

New Moon II New Moon III

Here's something from the vault: originally, I wrote this 700 page epic sequel to Twilight that didn't work for many reasons. It was called Forever Dawn, and this was the cover I used:


Here's the cover I made for my sci-fi, The Host, long before it was published:


This is the original cover I put on Eclipse when I was giving it out to family and friends in three-ring binders. I didn't post it earlier because I was afraid the idea of Edward being visually (if metaphorically) "eclipsed" would not go over well. (After reading early Amazon comments, I'm pretty sure I was not being paranoid in that assumption.) Of course, having read the book, you know this cover was a red herring twist on the reality.


Here's a later version of the same theme, with my preferred Jacob actor: