Some Unfortunate News

I just found out that I was exposed eight days ago to Covid-19. I’m feeling fine, but obviously, I’m not leaving my house until I’m sure I’m not contagious. So that means that, after all, the live event in Shelton will now be virtual. I’m so sorry. It’s a huge bummer, but the important thing is that everyone stays safe. The event won’t change much for anyone in attendance. I will (fingers crossed) still be on the big screen* and I will still answer the questions you text me, along with questions you’ve already sent in. I’m super anxious to hear your post-MS-read questions—I can’t wait to find out which parts of MS were obvious and which were a surprise to you!

I’m also including some fun games to play in the car (click here) while you’re waiting to start tonight. I can’t tell you how much I wish I could be there. Someday, when this is finally behind us, we’re going to have an event that is nothing but hugging.

Thank you for your kindness and patience!


*If technology fails us, I’ll do this on Instagram Live and I’ll be on your phone instead of on the big screen.