Eclipse Movie Updates from 2010

June 30, 2010 I went to see Eclipse the movie today and it was awesome! I really enjoyed it a lot and I think that it definitely lived up to my favorite of the Twilight series books. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of the film! Some records have already been broken, and I’m sure more will follow in… Read more →

New Moon Movie Updates from 2010

***June 7, 2010*** Congratulations are in order to the cast and crew of New Moon the movie for winning the following awards at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards: Best Movie — The Twilight Saga: New Moon Global Superstar — Robert Pattinson Best Male Performance — Robert Pattinson Best Kiss — Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Best Female Performance — Kristen… Read more →

Twilight Movie Updates from 2009

***December 16, 2009*** A big congratulations to everyone involved with creating the awesome Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! The Grammy nomination is fantastic and also well-deserved. It is an honor to have such talented artists and bands contributing to the Twilight film. Congrats also to Alex Patsavas for doing such an inspired job of bringing them all together. Thanks, Stephenie… Read more →

New Moon Q and A with Stephenie

This just in from STEPHENIE’S ANSWERS We received nearly 2000 of your questions for Stephenie at Stephenie has graciously answered a lot of your most asked questions below. Enjoy! What was your favorite thing about Chris Weitz and how was his interpretation of the books different from Catherine Hardwicke? – Mira N. My favorite thing about Chris Weitz:… Read more →

The Host is on its way to the big screen

Hey guys, great news! The Host is on its way to the big screen: “Twilight’s Meyer…” I’m so excited to be working with Nick Weschler, and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz to bring The Host to a visual format. They’ve all been a dream to work with, so lovely and collaborative, and I feel like we’re in a really… Read more →

New Moon Movie Updates from 2009

***September 21, 2009*** We are excited to finally announce ALL the songs that will be on the New Moon Soundtrack!! All of the music is original, and exclusive to the soundtrack. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE — MEET ME ON THE EQUINOX BAND OF SKULLS — FRIENDS THOM YORKE — HEARING DAMAGE LYKKE LI — POSSIBILITY THE KILLERS — A WHITE… Read more →

The Making of The Resolution

There will be a four part series of “The Making of The Resolution” provided by the band/record company. We will embed all four videos below: If you are unable to see the videos, click here to go to the youtube site of Jack’s Mannequin. –Seth Read more →

Music video for “The Resolution”

About a month ago we announced that Stephenie would be involved in the production of a music video. The video for the new single “The Resolution” by Jack’s Mannequin was Stephenie’s concept, but she insists that the success of the video was largely due to Noble Jones’ awesome directing. Here is the music video for “The Resolution”: Read more →

Stephenie working with Jack’s Mannequin on new video

As many of you may have heard in the last few hours, Stephenie will be participating in the creation of a new music video for Jack’s Mannequin (one of the bands which appears on her playlists). MTV News is reporting that she will “direct the video for ‘The Resolution,’ the first single from JM’s upcoming album The Glass Passenger(due September… Read more →